The Dues / Assessments in 2024 are $2,140.00
2024 Per Lot Assessment $1,070.00 (own a lot that is not contiguous to primary lot)
Paid by February 15, 2024 - 5% Discount on 2024 Dues / Assessments
Paid AFTER March 31, 2024 - 10% Penalty on ALL Unpaid Balances

Sticker fees may be found by clicking here.

2024 Dock Fees
First Dock - $250
Second Dock - $350

Members that had a dock slip the previous season have until the 15th of February of each year to reserve the same slip. If the slips are not paid for by the 15th of February in any given year, the slips will be offered to the Members that are on the waiting lists at these public docks.

Members must be in good standing to be put on the wait list(s). When a Member is called for an available slip, they have 24 hours to respond via email, call, etc. When a Member reserves a dock slip, they are removed from all waiting lists. Docks are non-refundable.

Dock slips are not transferable. If a Member reserves a slip and leaves the Association, the slip will be resold per the wait lists.