Bringing A Boat To Lake Latonka
My friend/relative lives at the Lake. May I put my boat on the lake for the day?
All water vessels require a current LLPOA sticker to be allowed on Lake Latonka. To obtain annual stickers, Members need to provide a current registration and proof of insurance. The Member's name must appear on the state registration. There are no day / short-term passes.

Camping / RVs
May I camp in a tent or bring my RV to Lake Latonka?
Lake Latonka is a private community. Those who do not own property in the community are not permitted to camp or park their RVs within the association. No bus, converted bus, trailers, campers, tents, or other sleeping facility may remain on any vacant lot, picnic, or recreation area after midnight. For storage purposes, RVs are permitted to be parked on the Member's property. No accessory or temporary building shall be used or occupied as living quarters.

How can I obtain a public dock at LLPOA?
Members that had a dock slip the previous season have until the 15th of February of each year to reserve the same slip. If the slips are not paid for by the 15th of February in any given year, the slips will be offered to the Members that are on the waiting lists at these public docks.

Members must be in good standing to be put on the wait list(s). When a Member is called for an available slip, they have 24 hours to respond via email, call, etc. When a Member reserves a dock slip, they are removed from all waiting lists. Docks are non-refundable.

Dock slips are not transferable. If a Member reserves a slip and leaves the Association, the slip will be resold per the wait lists.

The cost for a first public dock slip in 2024 is $250.00. Public mooring season is April 1 through the 4th Sunday in October.

Fall Festival
How may I participate in the Fall Festival? Where can I find more information?
The Fall Festival is an annual event run by LLPOA Members and volunteers. For information on becoming a vendor, dates, etc, please click here.

Lots / Homes For Sale
Do you have a list of homes or lots for sale?
Property owners do not need to notify the Lake Office that they have put their home or property for sale until a buyer is found. The Office does not keep a list of homes or lots for sale by private owners. Lots for sale by the Association may be found under "Real Estate Info." 

Public or Private
I live in the nearby area and would like to fish at Lake Latonka or visit your beach area, etc. 
Lake Latonka is a private community. The Lake Latonka amenities are reserved for property owners only. Guests must be accompanied by a Member in good standing or an immediate family member (Member's children, grandchildren, parents, or grandparents).

Rentals - Events
I am interested in hosting my event at one of your facilities.
Facility rentals are available to Members only. Please visit "Facility Rentals" for more information.

Rentals - Homes
Do you have any homes available to rent?
All homes are privately owned, and short-term rentals are not permitted. The closest hotel accommodations are found in Grove City, PA (approx 15 miles away).

Yard Waste
Where can I dispose of fall leaves, grass clippings, etc?
The Lake Latonka Compost Site is located off of Comanche Trail in The Heights.

The site is open daily from 9 AM - 5 PM weather permitting and is under video surveillance. The compost area is for YARD WASTE ONLY (no plastic bags), and there are further instructions located at the site area. The Compost Site is for MEMBERS ONLY!