Lake Latonka Drawdown 2021

Please be advised and make your arrangements:

All watercrafts must be removed from both public and private docks by Sunday, October 24!

2021 LLPOA Drawdown & Shoreline Restoration / Dock Information

There will be a drawdown of Lake Latonka extending from November 1 - December 15. During this drawdown, Members are encouraged to plan shoreline restoration and dock repairs / installation if necessary.
Please keep in mind shoreline restoration and dock installation / additions may require permissions through both the LLPOA office and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
To complete a shoreline restoration or dock permissions application please follow the steps below:
  1. Complete the attached LLPOA permissions application linked below and submit it to the office. The LLPOA permissions cost for docks and for shoreline restoration is $100.00 each.
  2. Complete the DEP GP2 form here: You will need to create a log in and complete the 6 page form and a $40.00 PNDI search. The office will complete this step for you at a fee of $75.00 ($35 processing fee and $40 PNDI search). Please allow ample time if you plan to have the office complete the DEP form.
  3. Once the LLPOA permissions application and form from step 2 have been completed, you will need to schedule a meeting with the DEP and pay them any associated costs.