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2011 Ecological Assessment Study - Final Report
Posted: 3/27/2012
Document prepared by Clemmys Environmental Services, LLC.  This report was presented to the Board at the March Open Board meeting.  The detailed report is the culmination of an assessment of the Lake health that began in 2011.  The full context of the report is available in printed format at a cost of $25.00.  The report is also available on disc or via email free of charge to members in good standing.  A short summary of the report including recommendations is also available for those not wishing to receive the entire 128 page report.
Questions about the report may be submitted to the office via email and/or written format.
All questions will be summarized into categories and answers provided after review by Clemmys representatives, the office staff and the Board of Directors.  All questions and corresponding answers will be published for all members to review.  (Names of those posing questions will not be published.)
Please allow up to one day for replies to any requests for copies.
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